AQUALM Director – Call for applications

The White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership (WRDTP) is looking to engage a DTP Advanced Qualitative Methods (AQUALM) Director. This role requires planning and contributing to AQUALM focused activities across the seven DTP universities for doctoral-level research training and also capacity building for research methods generally.

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for applications is Thursday 30th April 2020 at 5.00pm

The appointed Director will officially take up their post from 1st September 2020 however there will be a handover period of duties between June 2020 and September 2020.

The White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership (WRDTP) includes the Universities of Sheffield, York, Leeds, Hull and Bradford, Sheffield Hallam University and Manchester Metropolitan University.

The White Rose Social Sciences Doctoral Training Partnership offers:


  • A unique interdisciplinary and thematic student experience that will facilitate research beyond traditional discipline boundaries, enabling students to develop holistic understandings of the grand challenges that face society and how these can be addressed by the Social Sciences.
  • Shared training and co-supervision, building on the critical mass of the seven universities and with the collective strength of around 2,000 academics in 60 Social Science departments, to ensure that Social Science students are trained by the very best academics and professionals in their core areas of expertise.
  • collaborative and impactful student experience, through partnerships and ‘people exchange’ opportunities with non-academic partners in the public sector, with businesses, and civil society organisations, nationally and internationally, building on our existing relationships, and new activities with the N8 Research Partnership and the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN).
  • comprehensive, flexible and responsive model of doctoral training through seven interdisciplinary thematic multi-institutional pathways, to give access to a wider portfolio of problem-based skills and experience and produce doctoral graduates with outstanding core, general and transferable skills. The Pathways are:
  1. Cities, Environment, and Liveability (CEL)
  2. Security, Conflict, and Justice (SCJ)
  3. Education, Childhood, and Youth (ECY)
  4. Data, Communication, and New Technologies (DCT)
  5. Wellbeing, Health, and Communities (WHC)
  6. Sustainable Growth, Management, and Economic Productivity (SMP)
  7. Civil Society, Development, and Democracy (CDD)

WRDTP AQUALM Director Role

Details about the role can be found here WRDTP AQUALM Director Role

Tenure: 3 years

How to apply

  • Applications: current CV and expression of interest (400 words) on why you are the person for this role
  • Email: Professor Charlie Burns, WRDTP Director,
  • Closing Date: Thursday 30th April 2020 at 5.00pm