Advanced Qualitative Methods

You can find links to recorded lectures and slides here.

Using Qualitative Data in Research Reports 10th May 2023

Advanced Methods Showcase 18th January 2023

Critical Ethnography; 5th December 2022

Situating Decolonial Studies in Social Research; 29th November 2022

Document analysis as part of mixed-method qualitative research; 18 July 2022

Ethical Considerations when Conducting Qualitative Interviews; 04 April 2022

Using online data sources in qualitative research; 14 March 2022

Conducting Online Focus Groups; 07 March 2022

Mixing Methods: why, when and how? 07 December 2021

Qualitative Data Analysis: Analytical Strategies for Qualitative Longitudinal Research; 10 November 2021

Drawing methods, spatiality and qualitative research; 14 September 2021

Critical Race Qualitative Methodologies; 10 September 2021

An Introduction to Rapid Ethnographies: 12 July 2021

Accessible Qualitative Research: Reality and Practicalities; 8 June 2021

Research Reflexivity: Conducting Qualitative Research with Stigmatized and Hidden Populations; 26 May 2021

Qualitative Research at a Distance: Post-COVID Methods; 14 April 2021

Visual Methods in Qualitative Research; 12 March 2021

AQUALM Taster Day; 10 February 2021

Getting personal with existing qualitative data; 11 January 2021

Advanced Qualitative Methods Taster Event; Summer 2020

Advanced Qualitative Methods Taster Day; 10th May 2019

Advanced Qualitative Methods Taster Day; 7th February 2018