Business engagement and social science webinar series

Are you considering how your research might have an impact outside of academia, or how current challenges facing companies might be addressed through your research? Maybe you’re also considering a career outside of academia, and want to learn a little more about the skills required?

This highly engaging webinar programme, hosted by Nick Bramley (CEO of IMPACTUS Group) has been repackaged from a successful classroom programme for effective online delivery via Zoom.

In four stages, it will consider how the business community works, how to identify target organisations and how to set up a communication plan for your engagement activities that inspires your potential audience.  You will learn how to ‘pitch’ to your targets, whether your goal is seeking support for research projects, career development, spin-out business support, sponsorship, internships or placements, or other associated requirements.

The programme will also:

  • help you to align messages to target organisations in areas such as social missions, corporate social responsibility and social enterprise
  • showcase how to influence discussions, overcome challenges and objections, and get ideas ‘over the line’
  • showcase how the power of social networks such as LinkedIn can be harnessed to create and manage worthwhile business relationships
We expect places to fill up fast. Book now to avoid disappointment.

Who can join these webinars?
These webinars are open to all social science doctoral students and early career researchers (self-identified – no time-bound criteria) from institutions across the White Rose Social Sciences Doctoral Training Partnership.

This webinar series forms part of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) funded National Productivity Investment Fund Accelerating Business Collaboration (NPIF ABC) project.