Cities, Environment and Liveability (CEL)

Understanding and managing socio-economic change in cities and urban-based responses through policy, governance, and the connecting of communities.

An emphasis on environment recognises the growing importance of interactions between populations and climate/environmental/ecological changes, the politics of sustainability, and the importance of urban and rural dynamics and interconnections. Liveability provides a nexus by placing emphasis on infrastructures and their resilience (breadth of services, utilities, such as energy and water) and shifts within the built environment (spaces and places, mobilities, interaction, property, housing policy and practice).

Pathway Governance Team

Dr Will Eadson

Pathway Director, Sheffield Hallam University

Dr Kristofer Ray

Deputy Director, University of Hull

Dr Madeleine Pill

Deputy Director, University of Sheffield

Dr Daryl Martin

Deputy Director, University of York

Dr Milena Buchs

Deputy Director, University of Leeds