Community Action Research Graduate (Climate Change Project)

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INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY (advertised on the University of Sheffield’s Career Connect Page, open to all WRDTP ESRC and non-ESRC funded students)

Don’t Do A Dodo Ltd. would like to engage a social sciences graduate, probably at Master’s level or above, to work with our company for ~6 months (to be discussed) in 2021, beginning around April in Chesterfield. Our hypothesis is that citizen behaviour can be constructively influenced (i.e. “nudged” to change) in such a way that ordinary people will more effectively join the fight against the climate emergency.

The researcher will agree and refine the hypothesis with us, along with the details of the business model-centred method to be adopted, with a view to optimising the process through observation and interviews with the trial participants in Chesterfield.

We have identified certain character archetypes who are required to act as a complete community while utilising a bespoke app to operationalise their actions.  As suggested above, we believe our hypothesis can be considered in a similar vein to “Nudge”-style theory; i.e. the idea is to give local actors in the community the gentle push they need to make them act in the best interests of their locality and society as a whole.  We want to prove and refine the hypothesis before a national roll out of the proposition.

In 2020, two University of Sheffield students joined us for short placements through the Santander Scheme, here is a short quote from them:

My time working for Don’t do a Dodo was great. Whilst my specific role was to help develop the brand’s web presence through writing articles for the site (amongst other roles establishing the brand’s aesthetic and general outlook), I felt as though I was thoroughly involved with the wider project. The small team and friendly atmosphere made me feel like my contributions were truly valued. I am excited to see how Don’t do a Dodo’s unique vision to make homes more eco catches on in the future. (Physics student)

Here is the second:

I love working for DdDd because it has provided me with the opportunity to use my engineering skills towards something I really care about. The Founders are extremely passionate about what they do and always encourage involvement in different sides of the business. The work hours are flexible which makes DdDd an ideal place for remote working. So, if you are someone who is looking to work for a start-up that is making a real difference whilst gaining new skills, DdDd is definitely the place for you! (Computer Science student)

A detailed statement of the requirement is available by clicking here. This is an opportunity for a social sciences graduate to help in the fight against climate change.

Application closing date: 2nd February 2021

Please send CV and covering letter to:

Interviews for this post will be carried out online due to COVID restrictions.