Dr Emilee Rauschenberger

Manchester Metropolitan University, Education, Childhood and Youth Pathway

Emilee Rauschenberger is an ESRC-funded White Rose DTP Postdoctoral Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her main areas of interest are the processes of education privatisation, global educational governance and policy transfer, and the role of policy entrepreneurs in the education policy-making. During her fellowship, she is working on publishing her doctoral research on Teach First’s origins and developing further research that critically examines the spread of “Teach For/First” programmes in Europe and the Teach For All network that supports such programmes globally.

Emilee completed her PhD in 2017 at the University of Edinburgh where she subsequently served as a research assistant, writing a literature review on the issue of quality indicators in initial teacher education for an upcoming five-year study funded by the Scottish Government. Originally from the U.S., Emilee earned her BA in Political Science and Journalism from New York University and her MA in Teaching at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Research Interests: Education policy, Teacher development, and Sociology of education