Dr Rosie Campbell OBE

University of York, Security, Conflict and Justice Pathway

Rosie is currently an ESRC WRDTP Post Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Social Policy and Social Work (SPSW), University of York. As part of her post doc activities she is writing a book ‘Whorephobia, Sex Work and Hate Crime’ and carrying out a range of impact work in Merseyside.

She has held a range of frontline service delivery, service management, policy development and teaching/research posts, located in the university, statutory and third sectors.

She has a record of involvement in sex work research, most recently on the ESRC funded study ‘Beyond the Gaze’  at the University of Leicester, the largest study to date of online sex work. She is one of the founder members and a co-chair of the Sex Work Research Hub.

She has developed a number of sex work projects in the UK and has been involved in innovative partnership initiatives and approaches to sex work. She was CEO of Basis Yorkshire when the managed approach to sex work was introduced in Leeds and was Co-ordinator of the NHS sex work outreach and support projects Armistead and Portside in Merseyside when Merseyside Police introduced the approach of treating crimes against sex workers as hate crimes, the first place globally to do so. She went on to document the hate crime approach in her PhD at Durham University. She was a founder in 2002, then Chair, of UK Network of Sex Work Projects and is now Chair of the sex worker safety charity National Ugly Mugs.

In 2013 she was awarded an OBE for her work.

Research interests: sex worker safety, crimes against sex workers, the relationship between sex work and hate crime, the policing of sex work, models of support service provision for sex workers, multi agency and community responses to sex work,  the impact of online technology on sex work and participatory action research approaches.

Interview with ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow; Dr Rosie Campbell

Here you can listen to a short interview with Dr Rosie Campbell, where she talks about her research, research methods, her ESRC Fellowship and her plans for the future.