Interdisciplinary Student-Led Networks

The White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership (WRDTP) is promoting interdisciplinary activities for postgraduate research students by offering a small amount of funding for students to run activities/events etc to develop their own Networks.

These Student-led Networks will focus on substantive themes (for example, gender, sustainability, big data etc) that are multi-disciplinary. Ideally these networks/groups will encourage participation from students across a variety of DTP pathway/discipline areas and perhaps even wider to PGR students in other areas of the Arts and Humanities and Science subjects.The funding can be used to cover the running of events (room bookings, presenters’ fees, promotion/advertising and catering), travel and subsistence to support the development of the Networks.

The original funding was to ‘set up’ your network and it is not expected that you would be applying for additional funding.  One of your aims is hopefully to find ways in which your network can be sustained beyond the first year.

Key eligibility criteria:

Applicants must be based in a Social Sciences department at one of the 7 partner universities and have named support for promotion and organisation of the network from students at each of the 7 partner universities.

The network must appeal to a number of disciplines and this must be clearly indicated on the application form.

Key information:

The expectation is that the activities/events will be available in the 2021/22 academic session. The Network should be open to all WRDTP Social Sciences doctoral students.

How to apply

All applications for IDNF funding must be made in advance by the award-holder using the WRDTP IDNF Application Form. Within this form award-holders are required to detail the amount of funds required and to explain why such funds are requested.

Received applications are checked by the relevant Scholarships Officer to ensure they are eligible for funding, logged and then passed to the WRDTP Office to be considered by the AQC.

The WRDTP will notify the Scholarships Officer when a decision has been made which will be passed on to the applicant. Where IDNF funds are approved by the AQC the funds will be internally transferred to the award-holder’s host department/school via the Scholarships Office.

The student’s local university Postgraduate Scholarships Office is responsible for liaising with the student on matters relating to the award and any subsequent WRDTP funding scheme applications. The local nominated contacts at each university can be found on the Contacts Page in the VIRE.

For other general enquiries contact

WRDTP ESRC Funding Scheme Timescales

A call for applications will be made 3 times per annum, December, March and May via the VIRE on the WRDTP web site.

Call Deadline AQC Panel
1 Fri 2 December 2022 Fri 27 January 2023 Thurs 9 February 2023
2 Fri 10 March 2023 Fri 28 April 2023 Thurs 4 May 2023
3 Fri 12 May 2023 Fri 23 June 2023 Thurs 6 July 2023

You must read the scheme guidance notes before completing the application form.

If you are awarded funding from any of the ESRC schemes we encourage you to share your experience with the WRDTP community via the VIRE Forum.  Also as a recipient of funding any correspondence or event materials should be appropriately branded, see our Visual Identity webpage for details.

If you have any questions please email