Metric Power and the Data Gaze: Big data and social science

This session explores the politics of data and metrics.

Reflecting on two recent books – Metric Power and The Data Gaze – this session took a look at way that the data we produce circulates back into our lives. It explores what happens to those data, the power they have over us and the industry of analytics that have come to shape their circulation.

The slides from the day and a recording of a conversation between Simon Mollan and Professor David Beer discussing big data can be found and accessed below.

In this podcast, Simon Mollan (SMP Pathway Director) and Professor David Beer talk about Big Data and some of the issues that were raised during this event.

Dr Andrew Cox (Information School, University of Sheffield) ran a session titled “Running out of your skin: Metrics and narrative in leisure running”. His slides can be downloaded using the button below.

Andrew Cox: Slides

Professor David Beer (Department of Sociology, University of York) spoke about “Metric Power/The Data Gaze”. The slides for this session can be downloaded using the button below.

David Beer: Slides