NCRM 2021 Research Methods e-Festival

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Video Poster Competition

As part of the 2021 Research Methods e-Festival, the NCRM will showcase 10 of the best video posters from current post-graduate researchers. Poster submissions should speak to the e-festival’s theme of innovation, adaptation, evolution of the social sciences.

Innovation, adaptation and evolution of the social sciences

NCRM is delighted to bring you the 2021 Research Methods e-Festival in collaboration with methods@manchester. Held on 25-29 October 2021, the event will be a celebration of research methods with an interdisciplinary social science flavour.

There will be more than 80 sessions run over five days, with more than 130 speakers offering diverse perspectives on the festival’s theme: innovation, adaptation and evolution of the social sciences.

The e-festival will be 100 per cent web based and hosted on a dedicated interactive platform, where attendees can join sessions via live video streams, take part in community discussions and network with other guests.

Our keynote speakers are: Professor Trisha Greenhalgh (University of Oxford), Professor Noshir Contractor (Northwestern University), Dr Ash Watson (University of New South Wales) and Amos Toh (Human Rights Watch).

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