Revised call for papers: Earth(ly) Matters Digital Conference, August 2020. 

Revised call for papers: Earth(ly) Matters Digital Conference, August 2020. 
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to change the plans for our fourth annual postgraduate humanities and social sciences conference, and we are instead excited to introduce you to our inaugural online conference. We hope this format will provide opportunities for postgraduate students from a range of disciplines to share their research, engage in discussions and make connections, all in a supportive environment.

In the face of unprecedented, anthropogenic chaos in the natural world and in a time that has been further complicated by the Covid-19 pandemic, we are asking what matters on Earth and how Earth matters. What role can the humanities and social sciences play at a time of climate breakdown and a catastrophic decline in wildlife?

We want to open up a wide-ranging and imaginative conversation. Bearing in mind the influential writer Amitav Ghosh’s claim that the current environmental crisis is “also a crisis of culture, and thus of imagination,” we encourage you to play around with the theme and its words—What’s the matter? What matters? Mind over matter, matters of the heart, in a matter of hours, matter as material, or is that a completely different matter? Earthly matters versus divine matters? No matter what’s the matter in question it is often tied to our existence here on earth and that matters

We’re embracing the opportunity to find new ways to present and share our research so check out our new call for papers and format at:
Our call for papers ends on 12th June and we’ll be opening registration for attendees soon after. You can follow our activities @shsuprss_conf on twitter for regular updates.