Security, Conflict and Justice

Suggested Readings

Security, Conflict and Justice resources*

Opinio Juris: International law site containing blogs, opinion pieces, and sources.

Just Security: A collection of blog articles on security, politics and law, with an emphasis on US debates.

Duck of Minerva: Blog on international security/IR.

Women also know stuff: A resource for finding women experts in politics.

SSRC “on the art of writing proposals”: An extremely useful guide to writing research and grant proposals.

E IR: A useful site with blog posts but also free online textbooks!

The Center of Systemic Peace (in particular see ‘Global Report’): A collection of conflict data and analysis of trends in conflict and political violence.

 Uppsala Conflict Data Project, Uppsala University: Arguably the most authoritative collection of datasets on armed conflict, including geo-coded data.

Correlates of War: The oldest collection of datasets on inter-state and intrastate armed conflict (with also the widest historical coverage).

Global Peace Index: A survey of global peace and development, including a global ‘Peace Index’.

International Crisis Group: One of the best, most highly respected non-governmental sources of information and analysis on political crises and conflict.

The Centre for Security Studies Blog Network (CSS at ETH Zurich): Quality commentary on a broad range of security issues and challenges.

Open Democracy: High profile site covering political crises, authoritarianism, and conflict.

* The DTP does not necessarily endorse the content of these external sites.

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