Translate Science to Services: Role of Co-Production and Participatory Research

Dr. Yim Ling Siu, (WRDTP CEL Deputy Director, Associate Prof. in Environmental Risk Management, Leeds University) and Dr. Stacey New (Senior Climate Scientist, UK Met Office)

This online event reflected upon the role and implementation of co-design and co-production, and the participatory approach, using an inter-disciplinary research project supported by the UK Met Office’s Newton Fund as an exemplar for discussing what worked, what did not work and what could have been done better. The challenges faced by the researchers/project teams in engaging with multi-stakeholders, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic situation, was presented alongside the solutions for discussion. Apart from sharing personal experiences, this will also help to stimulate ideas and discussions on how students address/manage/overcome the issues that may arise from using co-design, co-production, multi-stakeholder and participatory approaches, and user engagement in their research project. 

You can view the recording of the event below, and download the slides from the links here.