Education, Childhood and Youth (ECY)

This pathway covers the fields of education, learning and development, including students and academic staff from Education, Psychology, Sociology and Language & Linguistics departments.

Members have an interest in learning and education, from birth to early childhood through to adulthood, encompassing lifelong learning, formal and informal education. In the fast-paced and rapidly changing worlds of education, childhood and youth, research that draws from a range of disciplines is becoming ever-more vital in the study of complex phenomena affecting and being affected by young people, families and communities. Our interdisciplinary pathway, looks at ways in which the different disciplines concerned with education, learning and development, practice and research, learn from one another and collaborate to produce new findings. As such, we cover a wide range of research areas, from laboratory studies of learning and development, to critical policy studies, to educational interventions to improve children’s outcomes in schools, arts-based methods for engaging with communities, and working with them to produce knowledge, to exploring ways in which children and young people are conceptualised and produced.

We support and encourage the use of innovative methodologies, both qualitative and quantitative, to respond to key challenges in the field of education, childhood and youth. These challenges include providing a quality education (in both a local and global context), the realities and challenges of leaning (and teaching) for an unknown future, the ethics and changing nature of social justice in education, shifting notions of activism in civic society, equality in access to education, reducing gaps in educational provision and educational outcomes, and social-emotional development alongside more formal measures of attainment.