Alex Kirby-Reynolds

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Twitter: @AKirbyReynolds

PhD Topic: Everyday experiences of Brexit looking at imagination, emotion and narrative.

I am currently doing my social research masters before going on to my PhD. My funded PhD is part a WRDTP network project entitled Brexit Aftermaths. Before this I completed studied Social Anthropology for my undergraduate at the University of Aberdeen, and I did Anthropology, Development and Rights for my masters of Goldsmiths College. Additionally I have also worked as a researcher for anti-discrimination charities and as a consultant in the humanitarian sector.

My main interest, drawing all these, is in grassroots interventions against forms of violence, whether that be structural or physical. I like looking at this through ethnography, digital methods, and film.

Outside of university I aspire to achieve mediocrity in a few different hobbies including Olympic weightlifting, audiovisual projects and eating. (I’m actually quite good at the last one).

As someone who is expecting to be working remotely for much of my PhD, I would like to ensure that students do not find the doctoral process an isolating one. I am keen to organise for better support systems in the DTP – whether that be academic, social, or wellbeing – so give me a message if you want to talk about those or any other issues.