Carina Mueller

University of York, SMP

Department of Environment and Geography, 2nd year PhD student

Thesis title: Global Telecoupling: Linking UK consumption to international Natural Capital impacts and dependencies

After completing my (+1) Masters in Social Research last year, I am a second year funded PhD student at the thinktank ‘Stockholm Environment Institute’ within the Department of Environment and Geography at the University of York. Before that I studied for a Bachelors and Masters in Environmental Sciences at the University of Bayreuth in Germany and for a Postgraduate Diploma in Conservation Biology at the University of Wellington in New Zealand. I have also worked in industry providing environmental sustainability expertise to guide decisions mainly around food products and technologies.

I am particularly interested in developing methodologies that can be applied in real-world decision-making to understand the consequences of decisions on the natural environment. My focus is on food consumption choices and how these link to countries overseas producing crops.

In my freetime I like travelling, laughing and cooking with friends and family and all sorts of outdoor sports like climbing, cycling and running. I am also curious to hear any suggestions or thoughts around your experiences with the White Rose DTP.