Richard Remelie

Manchester Metropolitan University, ECY

Department of Education, 3rd year PhD student

Thesis Title: Habitus or Relexivity? The decision-making process and experiential outcomes of higher education students at Manchester Metropolitan University.

During my undergraduate degree in Sociology and Psychology, I became interested in student decision-making in relation to (higher) education and how a students’ life-experiences prior to university ‘frame’ their experiences during university. These interests inspired my undergraduate dissertation and have been developed into what is now my PhD research. I’m building on the framework of reflexivity developed by Margaret Archer.

Among other things, I enjoy music, food, reading, writing, walking, and visiting new places. I played Snooker for England when I was sixteen and once played Ronnie O’Sullivan in an exhibition.

I became a PGR Forum member because I would like to help contribute to the maintenance and improvement of this fantastic scholarship programme that I am fortunate enough to be a part of. Please contact me to discuss any ideas and/or suggestions that could be put forward to these ends.