Useful Administration Contacts

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Your local university Postgraduate Scholarships Office (or DTP link administrator) is responsible for liaising with you on DTP studentship matters. The local nominated contacts at each university are as follows:

  • Manchester Metropolitan University – Kate Townsend (k.townsend@mmu.ac.uk), Research Degrees Manager, Faculty of Education and Faculty of HPSC.
  • Sheffield Hallam University – Dr Sarah Smith (s.a.smith@shu.ac.uk), Doctoral School Manager, Research and Innovation Office.
  • University of Bradford – Omar Ali (o.f.ali@bradford.ac.uk), Research Support Officer, Faculty of Management & Law.
  • University of Hull – Dr. Nigel Shaw (N.A.Shaw@hull.ac.uk), Administrative Manager, The Graduate School.
  • University of Leeds – Shirley Yeadon (s.yeadon@adm.leeds.ac.uk), Postgraduate Scholarships Officer in the Postgraduate Scholarships Office.
  • University of Sheffield – Catherine Wynn, (pgr-scholarships@sheffield.ac.uk), PGR Scholarships Officer, Research & Innovation Services.
  • University of York – Helen Poyer (research-student-admin@york.ac.uk) Research Student Administration, Registry Services.