Dr Sonja Erikainen

University of Leeds, Well-being, Health and Communities Pathway

I completed my PhD at the University of Leeds in 2017, after doing an MSc in gender studies at the LSE and an undergraduate degree in philosophy and sociology at the University of Glasgow. My PhD research explored the social and medical history of the female category in international competitive sports, focusing on so-called gender verification regulations that have been aimed at ensuring via scientific and biomedical sex tests that athletes competing in womens’ sports are, indeed, females.

Following the completion of my PhD, I worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Edinburgh, where my research focused on patienthood and participation in the digital era. In 2018, I was awarded an ESRC postdoctoral fellowship entitled “sex binaries, performance enhancement and elite sport,” and I returned to the University of Leeds to undertake research that both builds on and expands my PhD work.

Research Interests: Theoretical, Conceptual and Empirical approaches to sex difference and the (female) body, non-binary gender identities, gender politics, intersex and trans* women and men in sports.

Interview with ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow: Dr Sonja Erikainen

Here you can listen to a short interview with Dr Sonja Erikainen, where she talks about her research, research methods, her ESRC Fellowship and her plans for the future.