A range of organisations in the public, private and third sector are working in partnership with the White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership.

Collaborative Studentships

The WRDTP Collaborative Awards Scheme aims to ensure that at least 30% of studentships are linked to partners in the private, public or third sectors.  These links do not have to involve funding and could be internships, placements or other forms of meaningful collaboration.  These studentship projects are developed/led by academic colleagues at our partner institutions, and students are recruited for the ESRC-funded projects following a competitive application process.

Our Current Partners

We are delighted to be collaborating with organisations including:

Partner Institution Academic Lead Project Title Pathway
Curious Minds Manchester Metropolitan University Christina MacRae 2-Curious: More Than Words Education, Childhood, and Youth (ECY)
Manchester Art Gallery Manchester Metropolitan University Abigail Hackett Affecting space: an interdisciplinary ethnography at Manchester Art Gallery Education, Childhood, and Youth (ECY)
Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust Manchester Metropolitan University Sarah Parry Developing a novel assessment and communication tool for childhood auditory, visual and sensory hallucinations Wellbeing, Health, and Communities (WHC)
Young Peoples Mental Health Research Unit within Penine Care NHS Foundation Trust Manchester Metropolitan University Sarah Parry My Friends, my voices and me; a mixed methods investigation exploring commonalities and differences of sensory hallucinations and imaginary companions with children and young people Wellbeing, Health, and Communities (WHC)
Co-op Academies Trust Manchester Metropolitan University Deborah James North Manchester Academy of Creative Pioneers Education, Childhood, and Youth (ECY)
The Proud Trust Manchester Metropolitan University Claire Fox Bullying of LGBT+ pupils: School contextual risk and protective factors Education, Childhood, and Youth (ECY)
Home Start Oldham Stockport and Tameside (HOST) Manchester Metropolitan University Michael Gallagher Incorporating family voices in the planning and delivery of parenting support Education, Childhood, and Youth (ECY)
Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd University of Leeds Data, Communication, and New Technologies (DCT)
St Gemma’s Hospice University of Leeds Wellbeing, Health, and Communities (WHC)
House of Commons University of Leeds Viktoria Spaiser Assessing the UK parliament’s online public engagement activity Data, Communication, and New Technologies (DCT)
United Nations Assocation University of Leeds Civil Society, Development, and Democracy (CDD)
Phunky Foods University of Leeds Marion Hetherington Experiential learning to establish healthy eating in children and their families Wellbeing, Health, and Communities (WHC)
Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary & Fire and Rescue Services University of Leeds Adam Crawford Exploring the Impacts and Implications of national thematic inspection of policing responses to domestic violence and abuse Security, Conflict, and Justice (SCJ)
Overseas Development Institute (ODI) University of Leeds Lata Narayanaswamy Leaving no girl behind?’ Interrogating gender norns and adolescent agency in pursuit of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) Education, Childhood, and Youth (ECY)
OpenMRS Inc University of Leeds Owen Johnson/Lena Jaspersen A culture for success? How the culture of open source communities shapes e-Health solutions for developing countries Data, Communication, and New Technologies (DCT)
Yorkshire Cancer Research University of Leeds Samuel Smith Inequalities in the use of breast cancer prevention services Wellbeing, Health, and Communities (WHC)
Ove Arup and Partners Ltd University of Leeds Cities, Environment, and Liveability (CEL)
Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust University of Leeds Ana Manzano Gender, Intersectionality and chronic illness: the case of multiple sclerosis Wellbeing, Health, and Communities (WHC)
Humankind University of Leeds Sam Lewis/ Amanda Keeling Reclaiming the lost years; supporting young adults with sever and multiple disadvantage Wellbeing, Health, and Communities (WHC)
Aegis Trust University of Leeds Adrian Gallagher UK Mass Atrocity Prevention Security, Conflict, and Justice (SCJ)
Safer Leeds/ N8 Police research partnership University of Leeds Security, Conflict, and Justice (SCJ)
Public Arts (trading as BEAM) University of Leeds Martin Zebracki Public Arts for Inclusive Place making: perceptions, evaluations and actions Cities, Environment, and Liveability (CEL)
HM Prisons and Probation Service University of Leeds Security, Conflict, and Justice (SCJ)
Shadow Robot Company Ltd/ Dubit Ltd/ Ocado Technology University of Leeds Faisal Mushtaq Human-like artificial intelligence through modelling motor decision making Data, Communication, and New Technologies (DCT)
South Yorkshire Police University of Leeds Stuart Lister Protecting the vulnerable through neighbourhood policing Security, Conflict, and Justice (SCJ)
Abundance Investment University of Leeds Mark Davis Evaluating the Social Value of Innovative Finance: A Case Study of Community Municipal Bonds Sustainable Growth, Management, and Economic Productivity (SMP)
Education and Engagement service, UK Parliament University of Leeds Cristina Leston-Bandeira Inclusivity and Engagement: children and the democratic process Civil Society, Development, and Democracy (CDD)
Department for Transport University of Leeds Kate Pangbourne Comparative study of the applicability of utilising Design for All principles to decarbonise UK transport whilst supporting accessibility and equity for key age groups Cities, Environment, and Liveability (CEL)
Sheffield City Council University of Sheffield Malcolm Tait Understanding attitudes and perceptions amongst older people of specialist housing in an era of rising demand Cities, Environment, and Liveability (CEL)
First Draft News University of Sheffield Data, Communication, and New Technologies (DCT)
Sheffield City Trust University of Sheffield Elizabeth Goyder Developing, delivering, and evaluating the impact of, behaviour change interventions in community leisure centres Wellbeing, Health, and Communities (WHC)
PHASE Worldwide University of Sheffield Sustainable Growth, Management, and Economic Productivity (SMP)
Chartered Institute of Housing University of Sheffield John Flint Responding to the Housing Crisis and Redefining the Housing Professional Civil Society, Development, and Democracy (CDD)
South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue University of Sheffield Data, Communication, and New Technologies (DCT), Wellbeing, Health, and Communities (WHC)
Sheffield Housing Company University of Sheffield Cities, Environment, and Liveability (CEL)
Wessex Community Assets University of Sheffield John Flint Understanding the processes of scaling up community-led housing Cities, Environment, and Liveability (CEL)
Race Equality Foundation University of Sheffield Sarah Salway Giving voice to children in family-centred work: co-producing an evaluation framework for the Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities Programme Wellbeing, Health, and Communities (WHC)
Fondation Hirondelle University of Sheffield Stefanie Pukallus/Jackie Harrison UN Peacekeeping missions: the contested role of UN Media in post-conflict reconstruction contexts. A case study of Democratic Republic of Congo Security, Conflict, and Justice (SCJ)
African Media Initiative University of Sheffield Stefanie Pukallus/Jackie Harrison Civil norms building through NGO-led radio in post-conflict reconstruction contexts: the radio programme ‘Atunda Ayenda/ Lost and Found’ in Sierra Leone Security, Conflict, and Justice (SCJ)
Unity Gym Project University of Sheffield Will Mason Where family fits? Exploring familial responses to the threat and consequence of youth violence Wellbeing, Health, and Communities (WHC)
CRESST University of Sheffield Tim Herrick Experiencing conflict ona dn offline: Exploring a peer-led approach to conflict resolution through digital and physical spaces Education, Childhood, and Youth (ECY)
Alcohol Change UK University of Sheffield Matt Field How do heavy drinkers make enduring changes to their drinking behaviour after taking part in “Dry January”? Wellbeing, Health, and Communities (WHC)
Lincolnshire County Council (Children’s Services) University of Sheffield Harriet Churchill Growing up in residential child care – Exploring permanence, relationships, and relatedness Education, Childhood, and Youth (ECY)
Sheffield City Council University of Sheffield Wellbeing, Health, and Communities (WHC)
Tax Justice Network University of Sheffield Rowland Atkinson Safe Harbours? Understanding the wider impact of the EU’s ‘freeport’ tax secrecy facilities Cities, Environment, and Liveability (CEL)
East Street Arts (ESA) University of Sheffield Malcolm Patterson Artists’ use of temporary spaces: Maintaining wellbeing Wellbeing, Health, and Communities (WHC)
National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) University of Sheffield Hallam University Civil Society, Development, and Democracy (CDD)
International Energy Agency University of Sheffield Hallam University Aimee Ambrose Reconnecting with energy: using innovative research methods to overcome energy invisibility Cities, Environment, and Liveability (CEL)
Sheffield City Region University of Sheffield Hallam University Will Eadson Pathways to employment through green jobs Cities, Environment, and Liveability (CEL)
Sheffield City Region Mayoral Combined Authority University of Sheffield Hallam University Ed Ferrari Equity in the provision of active travel infrastructure – learning from a city region approach Cities, Environment, and Liveability (CEL)
World Wide Fund for Nature University of York Sustainable Growth, Management, and Economic Productivity (SMP)
York NHS Hospital Research and Development Unit University of York Wellbeing, Health, and Communities (WHC)


Our collaboration with non-university partners is wide and varied.  In addition to PhD research projects, we also work with our partners on internships and placements.

Examples of some of our projects are shown below.

If you are interested in working with us, please email

Global telecoupling: Linking UK consumption to international natural capital dependencies

Inequalities and cognitive development

Refining spatial models of individual level consumer channel and store choice behaviours